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Too Old to Learn Code

There are no venture capitalists here.

During the past year I’ve only met investors who I wouldn’t want invest in my company. Among those investors have been some prominent ones, as well some investors some investors who have had to repeat the phrase “as an investor” to get the point cross. Majority of them have been white males. For many of them Finnish has been their first language.

Last August I was listening to an investor panel, where three well-known finnish investors were talking about their

FOMO as an invesment philosophy

Drama and act are on par with Jersey shore

One investor has a weird relationship with me. Despite knowing me for years, they at times act like we’ve never met before, going so far as forgetting my name and the name of my company even during the same day. Now that by itself wouldn’t even be that weird. What is how they conviently remember my name, my co-founder’s name, my current company’s name as well as the ones before that when there’s other investors around.

I have also which is just bonkers. You’re job is to multiple the money your LP’s have investested in you, surely you can but the drama aside to accomplish that?

If you’re reading this thinking “man fuck you”,

Fuck me yourself, coward.